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Committee Updates
The Educational Committee.
Current Members:
1.   Mick McAndrews (Chairman)
2. Carolyn McAndrews
3.   Brad Lau
4. Linda Inouye
5. Warren lnaba
6.   Ken Ching
7. Jan Takamiya
8.   Larry Yamamoto
9. Leland Nakai
10. Karen Yamamoto
11. Cynthia Watanabe
Recent activities have included: Extended plant commentary,senior & novice divisions, December meeting Christmas Party, end of year KOS souvenir mug/glass, Callman's Honohono Class, Oahu orchid nursery visits, Hilo Educational Orchid Tour of orchid nurseries.
2018 Education calendar is set and prepared for any last minute changes. Educational Committee welcome to consider additional educational activities.
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