Membership - Kunia Orchid Society

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Committee Updates
The Membership Committee.
Current Members:
1.   Traci Kusaka
2.   Dawn Furumoto
3. Cynthia Watanabe
4.   Diane Hamamoto
5. Karen Kwan
6. Randy Kwan
7. Sandy Lum
8. Ken Ching (Acting Chairman)
Adopted Responsibilities besides what is contained in the By-Laws:
1.   Prepare name tags for each member.
2.   Register each member at regularly monthly meetings, special activities and provide them with their name tag to be worn during the meeting/activity.
3.   Assist new members with membership form, turn over completed form
to treasurer, and notify President for formal greeting/recognition.
4. Collect name tags at the conclusion of the meeting and assist
Educational Committee with any giveaways for the evening.
5. Turnover meeting/event registration form to secretary.

6. On-going recruitment of new members, especially at the KOS Show.
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