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Show Design Committee

Committee Updates
Show Design Committee Current Members:
1.   Inez Brunson
2.   Aileen Ching
3. Jan Takamiya
4.   Cynthia Fuentes
5. Gerald Miyasato
6. Suzanne Yamada
7. Angie Leu
8.   Wilbert Leu
9.   Ken Ching (Chairman)
This committee was formed when Claire Adachi's health wouldn't allow her to be our show design chairman  for the Ewa Show. The thought was instead of having the show design chairman be totally responsible,it would be good to have a committee sharing the responsibilities with one or two members taking turns at being the leader(s) of a particular show. The committee is presently made up of new and senior members so our new members can learn from members that
have some experience from helping at previous show displays. Members
continue to support the Show Design Committee at our show setups and are most appreciated.
There is always room for additional interested members to join this committee.
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